Wedgewood Britain offers unparalleled travel experiences to the most beautiful, exciting and historic locations in England, Wales and Scotland, as well as the island of Ireland. Experience the effervescent energy of downtown London, the castles and kilts of the Scottish countryside, the picturesque majesty of Wales and Ireland’s legendary historical heritage. You are guaranteed a truly memorable adventure.

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Royal Ascot. Image (c) Visit Britain
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Irish Pub Music. Image (c) Wedgewood Britain

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Enjoying a dram. Image (c) Visit Britain/Andrew Pickett

Our London-based professional and creative team is fully up to date with the latest trends and venues, so we can offer you the most original, innovative and sensational events. For the most personalized and professional destination experiences in the most extraordinary locations in Great Britain and Ireland, it has to be Wedgewood.

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Our Destinations

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Caernarfon Castle, Wales. Image (c) Visit Britain/ Lee Beel

Britain and Ireland offer an incredible wealth of cities, landscapes and experiences. Steeped in history, awash with legends and buzzing with contemporary life, these isles surely have something to seduce and entrance everyone…

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Our Services

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Royal Ascot. Image (c) Visit Britain/ Ben Selway

At Wedgewood we are intimately involved with the provision of every service to deliver you a destination experience of superlative quality. Each recommendation we make is founded upon thorough dialogue and communication …

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Wedgewood DMC Group

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Occitanie. Image (c) Wedgewood France

In every Wedgewood destination around the world we work with the experts in our local offices in delivering the most meticulously crafted, creative and highly professional destination experiences for all our clients…

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